One of the best things is knowing that we are reducing our impact on the planet. If we can do it and show/inspire others then the ripple grows.

Peafield was some of the most fun we've had on a build. Darren and Nat who we did the project for were really hands on and had a great eye for detail coupled with some zany ideas. Possibly our most favourite request was to make a shower from an old brass cornet (they really took our advice to be ambitious to heart!) Peafield has all the usual off grid kit as well as a full rainwater harvesting system. This project is a perfect example of what a catalyst for a lifestyle change a conversion can be. The guys are happily living the off grid dream with their young family on a beautiful plot, and they loved the conversion so much that they actually bought a second horse-box to convert themselves and joined them by a tunnel meaning they have twice the space and twice the fun! We didn't get the opportunity to make a video tour of the space but you can keep up to date with the guys adventures over on their facebook page.