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Dean started House-Box in 2010. Since being a keen surfer as a child, he had long imagined getting a rusty old post-van, sticking a mattress in the back, and enjoying the freedom of waking up, driving wherever you want (often in pyjamas) whilst taking your very own home comforts with you. This idea developed and evolved over the years. Many DIY conversions followed, until eventually, Dean and his partner Hannah built the first 'House-Box', a lovingly restored 1977 Bedford TK. This time however the motive was to enjoy all the freedom of a comfortable hand-made home on wheels, but utilise clever design and cutting edge technologies to afford all the luxuries you'd find in a 'bricks and mortar' home; resulting in an exciting, affordable, and ecologically responsible lifestyle. The success of this build, and the comfort found by Hannah and Dean, inspired the move to develop a hobby and passion into a full-time occupation, and to help enable others who know 'a better way is possible' to follow their dreams. The rest is history. Dean is at his happiest when nerding out designing and problem solving 'off-grid' electrics, eating a family sized bag of frazzles, or using some kind of classically unsuitable power tool for doing interesting things to unusual timbers.



Jake has been roped into House-Box since spring 2013, although has been involved in many ways on occasion since day 1. Having spent many years himself living in caravans and a Double-Decker bus (one with the worlds smallest bathtub), he knows what works and what doesn't when it comes to making small spaces special. Having been brought up recklessly racing all sorts of obscure farm machinery over the Somerset levels, he has a real love for classic vehicles and a great feel for style. Jake and Dean are both part of a Sound System, and have worked alongside each other for the last 11 years, making the whole designing and building process at House-Box both organic and intuitive. Jake is at his happiest when rummaging through the scrap pile to see what interesting treats he can find to get creative with, splooging big juicy textbook welds onto steel, and not having to look around the workshop for something that Dean has inevitably lost.